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New! Non-Salesy Way To Get People To Join Your Business Opportunity Without Hype, Convincing Or High-Pressure Sales Tactics
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How to get total strangers to like you, trust you and see you as a credible authority in your niche – even if there’s already tons of authority figures crowding the market
No more hype, high-pressure sales or begging people to buy from you
Fast and easy way to instantly convert cold traffic into sign ups, increase your stick rate and double your upgrades
Ultimate Bridge Page System

"Sign me up for more traffic right now! I've got 39 sales and 2 high ticket upgrades right away with Igor's pre-selling. Unbelievable! This is the real deal."

David Haynes, 63, Hopewell, New York

"This last campaign for Digital Altitude coupled with Igor's 'story-selling' has produced some stellar results. 57 sales for 1000 clicks. Ready for another run!"

JD Glover, 44, Kansas City, Missouri

"First time running a solo ad with Igor's pre-sell and I got an opt-in rate of 81% and 35 new signups. Thank you so much Igor & Dennis!"

Stephane Lemay, 51, Quebec, Canada

"It's truly a refreshing feeling to have a business that is automated, and let Igor do the heavy lifting for you. With Igor's unique pre-sell strategy I was able to make 22 sales for Digital Altitude!"

Isabel May, 68, St. Louis, Missouri

check 365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I absolutely guarantee there’s no better way to get complete strangers to instantly fall in love with you and want to join your business without social proof, income proof or picking up the phone.

I’m convinced my system will instantly increase your conversions. But you may have been promised similar outcomes before.

That’s why i’d like you to take a full year to put my system to the test. If it doesn’t live up to the claims, I insist you contact me for a full no-questions-asked refund at any time over the course of the next 365 days.

I’ll give you your money back and you can keep the ultimate bridge page system for your trouble.
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"Yes, Igor! I’m Tired Of Begging People To Join My Business! I Desperately Need A Better System To Convert Strangers Into Customers!"

Yes, Igor! I’m tired of being questioned and laughed at. Please show me how to get people to join my business without convincing, lying or having to present tons of proof.
Yes, Igor! I can’t make decent sales. My stick rates suck. My upsell conversions suck. This is driving me nuts, because I’ve got a great business that’s changing lives. It’s just no one seems to see it the way I do. Please help me get my message out to the world in a way that people will listen.
Yes, Igor! I hate selling. I’m uncomfortable using shady tactics. I’m not willing to compromise my ideals for quick cash. Please show me an ethical way to invite people to join my business by inspiring them, not by hard-selling.
Yes, Igor! Thank you for giving me a full year to test your system for free. It’s comforting to know I don’t have to rush through it because of some fine print close in the terms of services. I appreciate you being so transparent and understanding of my situation.
Yes, Igor! Thank you for making your system foolproof. Thank you for supporting the fill-in-the-blanks workbook with detailed video tutorials and examples. Thank you for including a case study that puts it into easy to understand frame. And thank you for showing me how to put my bridge funnel technically without having to code anything or build a WordPress site.
Yes, Igor! I know this limited time introductory price won’t last. I understand if I don’t act soon, I’ll lose the 50% discount. I’ll have to pay double unless I get off my hands ASAP.

Yes, Igor! I’d like the $197 value bonus tutorial where you walk me through, over your shoulder, how to build my bridge page using ClickFunnels in less than 30 minutes!

Thanks for showing me the best template and structure to use with my bridge page to achieve high engagement!

All orders are protected by a 365 Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee


"I can talk to Igor for hours. He always over delivers. He’s one of the people who always makes me raise my standards!"

Paulo Barroso

"If I had not found you when I started – I would not be in online marketing!"

Miles Segers

"If my team members want to know anything about paid traffic & email marketing – I tell them to talk to Igor!"

Chiara Francica

"Igor is a master at what he does. He transforms lives for people who don’t believe they can do it themselves!"

Tom Beal

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s type of affiliate offers convert best with this bridge page system?

This program gives you the fastest and easiest way to set up the ultimate bridge page to promote any online business opportunities and affiliate programs. I’ve also successfully used this 9-step formula to market digital information products, software, coaching & consulting services and a traffic agency.

I’ve never been good at telling stories. I can’t keep up with the plot and I screw up the ending. How likely am I to fail with this system?

Not likely. Before I discovered this formula, I could only tell a short story or an anecdote. Anytime I was on the spot to tell “my story” to prospects, I screwed it up. This system helped me put my story into a formula. It turned storytelling – a chaotic process for me – into a structured one. This system is the Lego of storytelling. Just put the building blocks together. Plus, I’m giving you the manual to follow along.

What’s the course format? What am I getting?

You’re getting a PDF workbook that walks you through the system and offers you guiding questions. Just answer these questions and you’ll have all the story elements you need. Next, just put these together (like Lego building blocks) and you’re done! In addition to the workbook, which I highly recommend you print out, you also get 14 video tutorials walking you through each one of the elements of the system and gives you examples of what your answers need to look like. The video tutorials also offer you a real-world case study – a story one of my clients used to successfully recruit people into a new business without having any social proof, income proof or market presence. Plus, in bonus video tutorial #15 I give you an over the shoulder walk through about how to set up your entire affiliate funnel using ClickFunnels.

What if in spite of it all it still doesn’t work for me?

Even though it’s highly-unlikely, if this system doesn’t work for you or you just don’t feel like this is the sort of thing that’s in-tune with who you are or for any other reason for that matter – email me at for a no-questions-asked refund anytime within the next 365 days.